*Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

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You are not alone! When you are ready, I will be here to help you on your own journey! The best way to tell you about my program is to share my story. After high school I stopped exercising on a daily basis and once I was in college I found a love for beer and a new boyfriend. Since I was a starving college student my boyfriends family opened their home to me and I ate dinner with them every night. I was surrounded by a family of four guys who could eat just about anything and they would never gain a pound. As the years flew by, it was harder and harder to keep a healthy weight and the more weight I gained, the harder it was to exercise. My boyfriend and I had gotten married and our eating habits kept getting worse. We were ready to start a family, but I was afraid of gaining even more weight if I got pregnant. I made a decision to change my life. My mom and I joined a weight loss group. With a weekly support group and diet and exercise I lost 30 lbs, but it took six months. It was the hardest 6 months of my life! After having our daughter, I was able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 6 weeks, but I was still 70 lbs over weight and the thought of it taking over a year to lose it terrified me. In January of 2010, I met my mentors who helped me Take Shape For Life! I started eating every 2-3 hours, utilizing portion controlled meal replacements and focusing on preparing just one lean and green meal per day. With the support of my FREE Health Coach, I was able to change my eating habits and lost a total of 94 pounds. I took off an average of 2 lbs per week. The pounds melted off quickly. I met my goal and transitioned easily by using my new habits and making healthy choices. The goal is to make a life change and not to diet! I decided to become a Health Coach because this program worked for me and I want to share it with everyone who is ready to start their own journey! I am on a mission to get America healthy one person at a time!

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